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London sponsor backs Brixham theatre group’s epic stage production of Les Miserables: The Memoirs of Jean Valjean  for a further performance at the Palace Theatre, Paignton, on November 16th 2013.


In September, the South Devon Players, an award-winning amateur theatre group from Brixham, performed their own production, of Les Miserables, as a three hour full-scale non-musical stage drama written directly from Victor Hugo’s novel.


This production was very well received by audiences, with standing ovations, comments such as “flawless”, “spellbinding”, “awesome” being commonplace, and one couple on holiday from Taunton, stating that they felt the production of be of a higher standard than a professional production of The Tempest which they had recently seen in Stratford Upon Avon.


Also present, was a professional photographer and film maker from London, who was so impressed by the production, in his words “spell-binding”, that he is now sponsoring the South Devon Players to be able to go where they could not afford before, into the Palace Theatre, Paignton, for a final performance of this show, at a low ticket price, as he believes that the show should be seen more widely, and that the South Devon Players in future should be able to afford to perform in larger theatres 2014.


The tickets are now available from the Palace Theatre box office (Tel 01803 665800) priced at £3 each.


Les Miserables: The Memoirs of Jean Valjean is a dramatic new 3 hour show based directly on Victor Hugo's novel. Suitable for the whole family, this brings this classic tale of love, redemption and revolution to life in a thrilling new production written by our secretary, Laura J, and premiering with the South Devon Players.


This is a huge production, the biggest by far that we have ever undertaken, it has attracted positive interest & compliments from Hollywood celebrities, and the original show “run”press release is featured on one of the biggest Broadway websites in their "international" section. An international theatrical script agent is also currently looking into making the script available to other theatre companies.

All in all, a show not to be missed!


The South Devon Players are an award winning, small, family-friendly, completely non-profit, community theatre / amateur dramatic group based in the beautiful fishing port of Brixham; Devon (in South West England) and we perform theatre shows around Torbay, and South Devon, based on historical events, usually local history & legends although we sometimes do also cover wider historical events.


Founded in 2005 with the proceeds of a car-boot sale, then winning the Torbay Together Arts In The Community Award in 2010, and appearing on BBC1 national television in 2012-2013, the majority of our shows and projects are about local history and mythology of the South West, and are written by local authors. It is part of our ethos to promote the history of Brixham, Torbay and South Devon. We sometimes deviate to perform plays based on famous classical stories or other wider historical events, but our main focus is, and will always be, the history of the Southwest.


We consider it a vital part of our raison d’etre to be able to keep ticket prices affordable for everyone, and bring theatrical experience to a wider audience. We also do our best, where possible, to support other local non-profit events or entertainment groups working within the community


Les Miserables Tickets are £3 each,  from

The Palace Theatre, Paignton.

Box Office, Palace Theatre

Palace Avenue


TQ3 3HF Tel: 01803 665800




email southdevonplayers@gmail.com / southdevonplayerstheatre@yahoo.co.uk

Facebook & Twitter: sdevonplayers

Website: http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com/

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