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These auditions are for the following named male characters only. 

(L indicates a large role appearing over more than one episode. ) 

Please be aware that you need to attend the audition in person. You may email in advance for audition pieces. 

Félix Tholomyès
Gavroche L
Inspector Javert L
Fauchelevent L
Colonel Georges Pontmercy
Combeferre L
Jehan Prouvaire L
Bahoral L
Joly L
Bossuet L
Marius L
Young Valjean

Auditions per person will last around 10 - 15 minutes, where you will be expected to read a familiarised script piece. We will be looking for characterization, mannerisms, and the ability to take direction. 

Marius, Combeferre, and Javert will also be required to take part in filming for the funding trailer, with short scenes, at the end of this (2014-15) winter. 

Project website:

Project email:

Audition venue address: 
Chestnut Community Centre, 1-3 Poplar Close, Brixham, TQ5 0SA

A note from Laura (producer)

Ric and I are still sorting precise castings for the people who came to Les Mis auditions at the Theatre Royals TR2 studios. However, we are definite that the above male roles still need to be filled as we didn't find the ideal fit. 

If you have already auditioned, then you do not need to attend this audition. 

Overall, this is a three year project, with filming taking place for each crowdfunded episode, over a few days, after funding has been raised. During filming days, shoots could be an early start to late finish, and for relevant characters also include night-time shoots. A lot of locations will be in and around Devon and Cornwall in the UK, some locations in France, especially for later episodes, will be looked into as well. 

This is a pretty different project, as it is based on Victor Hugo's UNABRIDGED novel (this is not the musical or a single feature film!) and we are remaining as faithful to that unabridged novel as is possible. 

Due to the nature of crowdfunding we are hoping to be able to pay our performers, but this depends entirely on funds raised, and may alter episode by episode as the series gets more well known, but at the minimum, once you have been cast as a character in the series, your expenses will be covered. 

Depending on what character you wish to audition for, and are cast as you may be required for several episodes (or indeed all of them), or simply one. 


Please contact us with a photograph, and a few words about the kind of role you are looking for. We will send you an audition pack and audition pieces suitable for your appearance. Please note that you do not need to learn the parts, just familiarise yourself with them. 

At the auditions, you will be asked to perform the piece on video camera, as a screen test. We will be looking at your characterization, focus, and the realism of your portrayal of the character. We also will be looking at how you take direction, and interact with other people. 

There are several child roles, but all children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. 

Please be aware that we cannot accept auditions or applications via email or video. In order to be considered for a role, you need to attend in person. 



- Read Victor Hugo's unabridged novel online (or get the free ebook) (you will probably want to do this if you get in, anyway. 

- Our film project website (being updated):

- The film facebook fan page:

- What we expect of performers:

- List of characters being cast for: 

- Our main theatre company website:

- The South Devon Players facebook page:
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Always looking to create new dynamic theatre inspired by period drama, classical stories and legends, the Players now bring the tale of the dashing Zorro to the stage, in an all-new, family production, appearing at the Palace Theatre January 30th and 31st 2015.

Friday Jan 30th - 7.30pm
Saturday Jan 31st- 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Tickets Adults £6, Children £5, Family (2 adults & 2 children) £18

Book now via the Palace Theatre 
Palace Ave, Paignton TQ3 3HF
01803 665800 /

What a way to start off the New Year! Combining elements of traditional pantomime with the glamour of a Vegas-style show, and a 19th century legend of California’s very own answer to Robin Hood, Zorro! Is a high-tech, family friendly, action packed and energetic production which will delight young and old alike.
Featuring an all-local cast with an age range of over 60 years between the youngest cast member and the oldest, all of whom have worked together to create an amazing new show, filled with laughter, glamour, high-tech effects, swordplay, music, showgirls and dance, the South Devon Players, a theatre company from Brixham, once again, return to the Palace Theatre to brighten your winter!

This show may not be suitable for people with medical issues affected by bright or flashing lights.


An award-winning, not-for-profit theatre company based in Brixham, South Devon, UK We specialise in shows themed on historical events, classics, and legends. We tend to be a more non-musical group, but we do sometimes get into musical-related things as well. We rehearse at Chestnut Community Centre on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

As with the majority of our main shows we perform at the Palace Theatre in Paignton, and are looking at expanding to Brixham theatre and maybe one or two others in the coming year. 
We don't charge annual membership but instead each contribute £1 per rehearsal, which covers rehearsal hall rent. 
You are considered a member as soon as you are cast in a show or working on the backstage crew for one, and once you have proven reliable as a member (good attendance, nice friendly conduct with others, etc), we add you to our careers development facebook group which is a group where we share local and national casting calls for film, theatre, modelling and related, and any local (Devon) training courses, which is a free perk to our members who want to develop a career related to the performing arts. 
This summer and autumn quite a few things have come out of that, such as filming for Channel 5, being visited by the Britain's Got Talent scouts, performing in an international opera, etc. In the past we have also worked with the BBC, Disney, Smithsonian, ITV, and Sky TV. All costumes and scripts are provided each show, we are a range of people from those new to acting, through to semi-professional, and trained performers, everyone works together to produce a good show, and a pleasant supportive team. We strongly discourage "cliques" and forbid bullying and elitism, so that it is a friendly, respectful, safe, and energetic environment for everyone. 

Join our monthly email mailing list at

Our main website:
Our facebook page: 
Our facebook discussion group: Our Twitter:


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