Aug. 3rd, 2015

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Hunger Games fanfilm trailer, filmed in Brixham & Paignton set in an alternate universe.

A practice project by some of our members and friends.

In this alternate universe, Katniss's rebellion failed, and this film tells the story of the brutal Fourth Quarter-Quell, where each district has had to offer 12 tributes, who fight in regional "Games", before the survivors are made to fight to the end in the "finals".

-Who will win?

-Who were these "finalists"

-And do the games unfold as the Gamemakers planned?

This has been a sideline project by some of our members, to create a half-hour Hunger Games fanfilm. While obviously money cannot be made from a fanfilm, it did allow for many important possibilities for our members. Many of them are signed to, or hoping to sign to, our casting agency, and wanted to expand their showreels beyond our usual norm of historical drama. It also allowed us to explore new techniques for filming and for our members to practice their film-making skills.

The trailer is complete, with the full film being edited now.



We do not own anything related to the Hunger Games universe, and this fanfilm is made for enjoyment purposes only. No profit is being made, or intended, from this project. All Hunger Games copyrights belong to their respective owners. This video is not monetised.


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The release of our Les Miserables 20 hour series trailer, and video of  our film & TV convention panel discussion

We have been away for a couple of days, as well as preparing beforehand, for this event. Over the past weekend we have been representing the series at the Optimus film and TV convention in Torquay, where we were honored to be given a half hour slot in between Game of Thrones, and Ghostbusters, which also marked the release of our trailer for the series!


Panel discussion


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